Visits from cooperative customers


In October 2021, Vietnamese customers sent representatives to our company to visit and understand the products. This is their first visit. Before customers visit, we carefully understand their local customs and habits to avoid unnecessary troubles.

We arranged a pick-up, and soon the client arrived at our company for a visit. We first took them on a tour of our workshop and warehouse. Then we introduced our main products-Implant Motor and Piezo Surgey in detail for them. Implant motor is a touch screen style with intelligent calibration function. Whether it is bearings or motors, we use imported high-quality products. The wireless pedal is even more convenient for treatment. Piezo surgery We are the second company in China to own this machine. It provides 5 functional modes for you to choose from, a sharp cutting tip that does not hurt soft tissue, 360° lighting, and provides a bright full viewing angle.And introduced them to the function of the product and the source of the design, etc. The client is very pleased with this and is very much looking forward to our first collaboration.

Afterwards, we also arranged a sumptuous dinner and invited customers to taste it together. When sending customers away, we also sent some of our local specialties.

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